Short back and sides! Turkish barber shaves man’s hair into a vest

This is the strangely satisfying moment a Turkish barber uses a vest as a border to give a client’s back hairs a shave into the same shape.

In a peculiar version of the bowl cut, the man sat down for a back trim with Berat Polataglu in his shop in Diyarbakır, Turkey.

Mr Polataglu went back to basics as he used a simple razor to trim the man’s hind hairs.

The barber is an avid YouTuber with a loyal fan base of 20,000 subscribers.

He uploaded the video of the strange trim there, garnering over 40,000 views to go along with the over 1 million he achieved on his Instagram account.

Although the video is of a humerous nature, Polataglu is a serious barber.

He has skillfully mastered the fade and has experimented with other weird styles, such as shaving a mustache onto someone’s hairy neck.

Polataglu, who has over 180,000 Instagram followers, considers himself a ‘world class barber and hairstylist.’

Reports in his native Turkey suggested that Berat Polatoğlu sold his brother’s mobile phone to participate in the World Congress of Hairdressers Confederation in Italy in 2017.

He managed to finish in second pace with the Turkish team in the ‘cuts’ section.

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