This Man’s Back Hair Transformation

When I saw a hairy back pop up on my Instagram Explore page I had no idea what I was in for, but I tapped on it anyway. Before even watching the video posted by a Turkish barber by the name of Berat Polatoglu, I noticed it has already been viewed almost 1.5 million times. No, I’m not exaggerating. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian can rack up those kinds of numbers on a daily basis, the only other time I’ve seen an Instagram video with more than a million views was when Vogue Korea showed how to use a K-beauty brow extension gel.

So, why is a video of someone’s rather fluffy back posted by a Turkish barber going viral? This man doesn’t have your garden-variety hairy back; thick tufts are growing up his neck and down his arms. Plus, the video shows a shocking transformation akin to the rainbow hair ones that Allure editors loved in 2017. After giving his client a haircut off camera, Polatoglu starts the video by basically giving his client’s lush neck hair a blowout with a small round brush. This part alone is weirdly entrancing to watch. Seconds later, Polatoglu shows what his client looks like after shaving off all that neck hair and trimming around his collarbones.

Among the thousands of comments left on Polatoglu’s viral post, most of them were quite brutal. Many involved comparisons to animals and mythical creatures like werewolves and Big Foot. Some even called the man’s body hair “disgusting.” It’s so great to know that, even in 2018, body hair on men and women is seen as gross. Yes, I was rolling my eyes as I wrote that. In actuality, any type of body shaming is awful, uncalled for, and just plain outdated regardless of gender.

With that in mind, take a look at this ultra-mesmerizing transformation below.

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